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This has affected my life, and the lives of those I love, so much that I feel compelled to tell our stories:  

As a child I had the mumps and the measles, that's it. As the oldest of 6, there were lots of times when everyone in my family was sick and I was the only one well. Until my early 20's when I started smoking, I never even had a common cold! And even then I only had a cold once every two years and it was no big thing. I never had a flu. The biggest medical events were a broken hand (fall off a horse) and a broken foot (diving board). Then at age 39 I had a stroke.

It was two weeks to move a finger on the left side. Two months to speak without a slur. Two years to walk without a limp. If you met me you would not know anything had ever happened. But it's been nine (so far) years to get back some classical piano (still in progress). After the stroke, my whole system was changed. If I got within 100 yards of anyone sick, I got what they had. I was sick more often than I was well. In the first four years after stroke, I was hospitalized four times. I had my first flu and more colds than I can count. It was very annoying to say the least.

From January to May of 2003 I had five colds, that's one a month! May of 2003 is when I started Taurox. I live with a doctor. In that time he has had three colds, two strep throats and a flu. He has started taking Taurox (September 2005), so we'll see over time how well he stays. At September 2006, he has had only one cold that lasted 3 days. I have never had a flu shot. Even though I was directly exposed to the sickness of my partner, since I started Taurox in May of 2003, I have only had one cold! (Fall 2003) And, that was only because I didn't know yet to take extra Taurox when exposed or have symptoms. This product has changed my life.

My good friend, Char Tara Albert helped to invent Taurox. You can obtain Taurox and learn more about it at her website, www.Taurox4Vitality.com

In June of 2005, about two weeks after laying an under ground dog fence in the woods here in eastern Pennsylvania, even though we used a fogger that was supposed to kill any insects around, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Fortunately it was caught at the earliest stage when the typical rash could be seen (in my scalp!) and only two days of (nasty) flu like symptoms. I consider myself very lucky. No doubt the high dose (100 mg Augmentin and 100mg Doxicillin daily for a month!) are what had me feeling very much better. For the increased fatigue and joint aches, I have increased my daily Taurox dose to 3 TaurImmune PS microspheres and one dose of TaurImmune Fatigue. This is about twice my normal dose. 

In the first week the joint aches and head ache and higher body temp were most annoying. Extra Taurox during the day has definitely helped with fatigue and even though I'm more tired, especially at the end of the day, my ability to function is almost normal. I'm confident that with both traditional medicine and Taurox, I will beat Lyme disease and not have a recurrence of symptoms.

One of my dogs (all Whippets), Lacy, now 13 years old in 2006, has been on a dropper full of the Fatigue formula since last year when she developed a skin infection. I definitely notice a difference on the days when I accidentally miss giving it to her. She is far less active on those days. As 11 is considered geriatric for a Whippet, I'm grateful for every extra day!

Update: Lacy passed away in July this year. Her story is on the Dogs link below.

April 2006

Update: May 2006 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease again. This time I had a very sore neck and fatigue for over a week as the only symptoms before the bulls eye tell tale rash. Since starting antibiotics my neck is far better. I have doubled my normal intake of Taurox to 4 ps microspheres and one dose of Fatigue formula daily. I am still working and again know that I will return to normal when the antibiotic treatment is over, or shortly thereafter. Taurox makes getting through it infinitely easier.

Another of my girls needs Taurox now. My little EtC. had a seizure. As I know of two other dogs that don't have seizures anymore since being on Taurox, hopefully EtC. will benefit too, time will tell. Actually, as everyone I care about is on Taurox, I started giving it to my other girls (Tru-Be and Elafi) too.

Recently while a friend was in the hospital, her nurse told me about her elderly dog that had a bad cough for over a year and she said she had tried everything and nothing had helped. I gave her a bottle of the Fatigue formula. Two days later she reports that her dog isn't coughing!

My friend had a cat with very bad cancer and a large tumor under his chin. He was near the end. I gave her some Fatigue formula spiked with PS micospheres. Her cat started feeling better and moving around the house, purring and the hair on his feet grew back! The cat did die within a couple months, however the end was far better for him than previous weeks had been.

On another important topic that has changed my life: I don't get headaches anymore, and I used to get them often enough to have Excedrin in my car and every other location I spent any significant time. I appreciate food far more, from beginning to end. The change is the addition of fiber. After trying a few brands and a few types even, I like the "Konsyl easy mix" brand. I mix it with orange juice (feels like pulp when drinking), because the taste with water to me is just plain bad! Fiber, in this powder form, is the best way to get fiber unless you have grown up far more healthy than most of us even know, and continue to live that way now by including a high amount of fiber in your daily diet. If you have health issues of any kind, you should try taking fiber, as it's amazing how many things this can be connected to, in the systems of how our bodies work. Literally from asthma to backaches, fiber can help!

My Mom has had many medical issues. I just knew this would help her life and bugged her to try it. The change for her is remarkable too. She writes:

I'm in my 70's, and have severe emphysema, and asthma, which is preventable by taking Benadryl in the event of an allergy attack (the cause of my asthma).  My daughter, Sharon, kept urging me to try Taurox.  Finally I tried one drop a day, then 2 drops, and finally up to 7 drops a day before I saw a dramatic change. My whole sense of well being is better. Now I eagerly take TaurImmune Fatigue first each day.  I haven't felt this good in years. I strongly recommend Taurox to all my family and friends, and am a bit of a pest a out it as Sharon was with me. I think it's an amazing product.     Ann

Update: Mom now takes 2 PS microspheres daily. Mom believes she doesn't have asthma now, as she hasn't had any troubles in several years.

My brother Mark was visiting with an on-fire sore throat. I gave him his first 8 drops of TaurImmune Fatigue and his sore throat went away immediately. Now Mark is on Taurox too and he writes:

I have always had a high metabolism that has given me some issues with frequently getting colds, ever since I went to college.  With the constant influx of students from all over the world, whenever I was exposed to germs from another area, I would tend to get a cold.

Similarly, whenever I would travel to an area to which I had not visited before, or had not been to for some time, it was not at all uncommon for me to get a stuffed nose or sore throat.

I was somewhat skeptical when my sister Sharon offered for me to take Taurox, though I had previously heard from her how much it helped her, so I tried it, but did not begin taking it regularly right away.  It helped get rid of a cold that was just starting, though shortly after I went traveling (without taking Taurox) and I did get sick.

Once I was taking Taurox regularly, however, I did something that I had not managed for years: I went an entire winter season and only got one mild cold that lasted only 2 or 3 days.  In previous years, it was common for me to have 6 to 10 colds in a winter season.

Most recently I traveled to the west coast to help a friend move.  During that trip I only felt a bit down for one day, and I took a few extra drops of Taurox and, to my amazement, I did not get sick for the entire trip.

I average taking only 8 drops every day, though I increase to up to 30 drops per day if I feel that I am fighting something.

I firmly believe that Taurox has helped me, and I am very thankful my sister introduced it to me. 

Update: In Spring of 2004 I was bitten by a deer tick and got Lyme disease. I was diagnosed early and treated with large doses of Augmentin for several weeks. I also increased my dose to about 20 drops daily of TaurImmune Fatigue. The Taurox definitely helped with the joint aches and fatigue. Also, I have not had a recurrence of any symptoms.

Update: In early Summer of 2005 I was bitten by yet another deer tick and got Lyme disease for a second time. I am again taking large doses of Augmentin. This time my symptoms are more severe, and I have leg pain in my muscles too. Also I was not diagnosed for several weeks instead of within days as it was with the first time around. My present dose of Taurox is 2 microspheres of TaurImmune PS, 20 drops of TaurImmune Fatigue, both in the morning, then 3 or 4 sprays of TaurImmune Allergy spray during the day. This is far more than I usually take on an ongoing basis in order to stay well and not get colds. There is a significant difference and I have far less leg pain when I take the PS, I only noticed this because taking the PS microspheres is totally new for me. I am grateful that Taurox can help me through this difficult time of Lyme disease again. I'm sure it's one of the reasons I am still able to work.



"Wonder Dog" Dodge


Dodge, a 90 lb. Bouvier de Flanders breed, was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma the day after Christmas 2003.  During an anticipated hernia repair the cancer was discovered and biopsied. Ultrasound revealed two enlarged groin nodes interpreted as metastasis.  Prognosis was 3-6 months.

In mid January 2004, his owners began prescribed holistic treatments of Yunnan Paiyas, Blood Terrain, IP6 with Inositol and anti-oxidants.  Dodge continued to deteriorate, fatigue increased, and he avoided his food.

In mid February, a visiting friend gave the owners TaurImmune Fatigue formula for Dodge to try.  His owners continued his other nutritional supplements, but added two full doses to his treatments each day.  Surprisingly after a few days, Dodge became more energetic, his appetite returned and he became active and playful.

In early May an inoperable mass, measuring 10 x 20 cm developed under his right shoulder impeding locomotion.  Aspiration resulted in a dry needle.  At the time the mass was interpreted to be growing solid tumor.  No evidence of necrosis (cancer death) or cyst formation was present.  The owners were counseled on end of life issues. They increased his Taurox dose around that time to three daily doses without an immediately obvious external effect on the then rapidly growing tumor.

The owner remembers that Saturday pm Dodge managed to eat some raw salmon and began to perk up a bit, but he was still extremely ill, euthanasia was scheduled.  By Sunday, the mass burst and began draining.   Dr. Taub, a pathologist, believes this represents immune mediated tumor necrosis.  Dodge immediately began feeling better.  However, the burst mass left a cavity the size of a tennis ball.  Due to this large open wound the vet predicted he would not live despite high dose antibiotics.  Dodge remained active and healthy.  The vet commented that he had never seen anything like it!  Office staff began calling Dodge "Wonder Dog".  Dodge continued to improve and the wound progressively filled in over a number of months.

The owner reported "Dodge is gaining strength and healing, with improved energy levels and a great attitude".  The open wound has healed significantly with the open area decreased by about 85 percent.  As of August 2005 (1.5 years after diagnosis) Dodge is continuing to behave normally, without signs of malignancy.

Update: Although the wound had healed completely, more cancer did return and in August 2006 Dodge lost his struggle. Dodge had quality of life right to the end though, he even tried to play with my visiting puppy just three days before he died.

Candy and Joel, St. Peters Village, PA

Pic taken June 2006


Jingles the cat

Jingles is our 7 year old American short hair beige tabby. In March 2004 he jumped up on my bed, limping on his left front paw and it was swollen. The emergency vet clinic diagnosed with him with hemangiosarcoma that had eaten right through the bone! The swelling had come from the burst blood vessels. It was recommended that we take him to our regular vet for an amputation.

Jingles had his entire left front leg up to the shoulder amputated in March 2004. We learned this is rare for dogs, and extremely rare for cats to get this cancer. We learned we should look for signs of the disease to progress and to affect his internal organs such as lungs. Jingles did well for about half a year when in late fall he developed tumors that started to grow on his back and side.

In March 2005 one of these tumors burst and bled and would not stop bleeding. The vet recommended having the tumor surgically removed which we did. In the meantime his coat and teeth and gums all looked healthy. The vet told us that he expected that Jingles would grow more tumors, which he did.

In June 2005 another tumor burst and wouldn't stop bleeding and again we had it and 4 other tumors removed. The lab results showed these were hemangiosarcoma. Because of how fast these tumors grew again after surgery, I went searching for something that would slow their growth. I've been giving him 3-4 drops of TaurImmune Fatigue since July 25, 2005. Jingles has more energy, he is eating better and he's playing!

Update: Sadly, near the end of 2005, Jingles lost his battle with cancer, but thanks to Taurox, he had quality of life right to the end. Cathy, Timonium, MD



Our dog "Blues", an 8 year old Alaskan Malamute, has suffered with severe skin infections since he was about 4 years old. We've learned and had confirmed from several vets that he has a congenital immune deficiency common to the breed. The infections were usually triggered by him scratching and appeared as a large area of open sores. Then he had to have his coat shaved and the sores treated with antibiotics, both internally with pills and externally with cream. Sometimes it took two or three courses of antibiotics to heal the infection We have been giving Blues 8 drops of Taurox daily for 10 months and Blues has not had this problem occur. We believe Taurox is helping our dog's immune deficiency problems and he is healthier and happier and certainly he looks better!   Sandra and Steve, Pottstown, PA


FindCure has sold Taurox to Efficas. They plan re-launch Taurox in mid 2007.

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